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This updo is great if you want your hair up but in a soft, loose and romantic way.

1. Curl your hair. Make sure that the curls starts around the crown to create the soft texture after it´s up.
2. Take two pieces of hair from around the front of your face and secure loosely in the back with an elastic. This creates kind of an anchor for the hair that you fold up.
3. Fold all the hair except for some pieces around the face around the hair you secured with an elastic before.
4. Arrange it nicely and secure with bobbypins.
5. If needed curl the front pieces of hair again.
6. If you want to decorate it with a nice accessory!


This half up do is a cute, braided hairstyle and easy to make.

1. Curl your hair.
2. Take a piece of hair from around your face, just above the ear.
3. Start a normal three strand braid. Add only hair from down, not up. This is called a lace braid.
4. When you reach the back of the ear stop adding hair and continue to braid normally.
5. Pull a bit on the lower part of the braid to create volume on that side.
6. Secure the first braid temporarily and then do the same on the other side. Secure the two braids with a small elastic in the same color as your hair in the back.
7. If you want decorate it with flowers or another accessory that you like.

This flower braid is another cute braided half updo!

1. Curl your hair.
2. Take two big pieces of hair from the front of the face and secure with a small elastic in the back.
3. Make a normal three strand braid but before you secure it with an elastic pull on the braids lower part to create more volume.
4. Now roll the hair around the base with the pulled out part facing outward. Secure with bobbypins.

This is a soft half updo where the curls are in focus!

1. Curl your hair. Use a boar bristle brush to gently brush on the curls to make a soft texture.
2. Take two pieces of hair, one from each side of the head close to the face and twist them softly towards the back.
3. When they meet in the back twist them softly around each other and secure with bobbypins.
4. Put a nice accessory in the back.

The waterfall braid is one of my favorite braids. I like it especially with curls.

Cute Girls Hairstyles make a great tutorial for it! Just click here...

This is another cute updo! Braids always give the hairstyle a feminine twist which I personally like in a wedding updo.

1. Make a side part.
2. Braid a dutch braid on the side with the most hair. When you reach the end of the ear stop adding hair and continue braiding normally. Secure with a small elastic.
3. Take the rest of the hair and gather it softly in a low side ponytail on the same side as your braid. Twist the hair around the base of the ponytail to create the bun. Secure with bobby pins.
4. Take the dutch braid and wrap around the bun. Hide the end and secure it with bobby pins.


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