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Get ready for spring

Spring is here and it´s time to get your hair, body and face ready for the new season! I teamed up with TruSelf Organics to create this post because I wanted to use products that are all natural and good for both skin and hair as well as the inside of the body! And cruelty free! Read the story about the brand here...

Body: Your body has been hidden away in layers of clothes the whole winter and now it´s time to show some skin again! Maybe you didn´t pay to much attention to your skin and you really need a new start. One very important thing is to exfoliate the whole body to get rid of all the dead skin cells and get your skin back on track. This is also very important to do before any hair removal treatment or faux tanning treatment or product. Just remember not to do it the same day!
Moisturize your body well to get rid of the dryness that winter can create! This bodybutter is amazing... And last but not the least buy new sunscreen! The spring sun can be really harsh so protect your skin!

Face: Again exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells! If you´re not already using one on a regular basis now is a good time to start to use a good facial mask. A facial mask is a great way to give your skin the little extra attention it needs. For example if your skin is dry it can give extra hydration, if you have red or irritated skin it can help to calm down and soothe and so on. Spring time is also a good time for reviewing your facial creams! Your skin might be more on the dryer side during winter so you need a more hydrating cream, when the weather becomes warmer the skin might need a cream that is less hydrating. My skin for example is very dry in winter time if it´s cold and I need a cream that really hydrates the skin. During the warmer season the same cream makes my skin break out and I need a a cream for combination skin.

Hair: Maybe you always take good care of your hair but if you feel like your hair needs a fresh start and back to a healthy status trimming your ends and using a hair mask is the key thing to do. You should also make sure you use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain a beautiful, healthy hair. And why not try something new! A new haircut you have been thinking of or a new colour!

Spring colors

Spring is in the air and I start to feel like being more colourful again! If you are a person who likes your black or dark clothes wear some colours on the nails! Or like me some colour on the sunglasses!

There are so many cute colours from different brands of nailcolours it´s hard to choose. These colours are from the greek brand Korres.


This is some pictures from last week on my instagram! The ring I got on my birhday from my sweet friends and it was from a greek designer I never heard of. I loved it so much I went the next day to buy two more. / In the same store I found the necklace from another greek designer called The muse and the ladybug, it´s my new favorite necklace. / The outfit picture is from when I was going to a baby shower, I love to mix a big knitted sweater with a skirt for a dressed up casual look. The hair was second day curls gone wavy and I just put it in a simple ponytail. / I love these nailpolishes from Sephora so I gave them to my friend on her surprise birthday party.


I had the most fun year making posts for my blog and to see them being pinned away on Pinterest or to see that people returned to my blog! I get so happy every time I hear someone that went on my blog and tried one of the hairstyles to a party or something and got lots of compliments that made them happy. 2013 was a good year and I´m looking forward to 2014 and to make more posts that will become new favourites! I really hope to see you all back here!

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Right now cats are so trendy! From prints on T-shirts to headbands with cat ears to hats with cat ears. I took the trend as far to as to my daughter´s closet, I actually have a dress with cat prints from before but I skip the cat ears on hats and so on. To be honest cats are a huge part of my life! I love them like crazy! My own of course but also all the stray ones I meet on the streets here that I try to help by feeding, neuter, give medicine when needed and to find homes for abandoned kittens and so on. So to walk around with cat ears also I think people would think that I went a bit to far and maybe getting to crazy about cats! But for kids I love the trend!

The t-shirt is from Zara and the hat, headband and dress is from H&M.


October is the breast cancer awareness month and it´s pink all around us.There are many ways to show support for example to donate money or buy some products that donate some of the profit to research. I was inspired by the pink ribbon and the idea of showing support so I created this braided hairstyle in the top picture for Check out the tutorial
here...The nailpolish is from Essie´s breast cancer awareness collection and it´s called Pink about it. For more tips about beauty products that really do donate to the cause read this post on DivineCaroline...


It´s always interesting to see the makeup on the runway shows because some of the most influential makeup artists in the world have created the looks. This season there are some really nice trends actually that you can make quite wearable. Of course you shouldn´t just follow trends but it´s fun to get some new inspiration!

The bold coloured eyeliner is a trend seen on for example the Kenzo show. Of course it was even bolder there because it´s for a show but toned down it´s really wearable. I really like this trend because sometimes a colour can be so nice and I really want to wear it but I feel it´s to much to wear all over the eyelid. As an eyeliner however it´s a nice splash of colour. You can do this in different ways, for example with an eyeliner pen or you can just use an eyeshadow in a bold colour. Wet your eyeliner or slanted brush, rub it on the side/corner of the eyeshadow and then use it as an eyeliner. I used Goldenrod from Mac above with a Mac brush nr. 266.

Copper coloured eyelids were seen on the Chloe show and it´s such a gorgeous colour that complements a lot of eye colours. Use a kohl pencil in a copper toned colour and then a pigment or eyeshadow in copper on top. Above I used a kohl pen from Make up store called Gold digger with Mac pigment in Copper sparkle on top.

Aqua coloured lower rim is a fast and easy way to get some colour to your eyes! The trend was seen on the Stella MacCartney show. This trend feels really youthful and summerlike. Keep the rest of the makeup light and let the eyeliner be the main focus. I used Aqua eyes 7L from Make up forever wich is a water resistant eyeliner.

A big trend for spring and summer are matte lips. And it was often in redish colours on the runways.
There are many ways to get matte lips, with a matte lipstick of course, or with a lipliner that you fill in the whole lip with or like above with a lipstick and an eyeshadow or blush powder on top or you can also just make your lipstick matte by brushing a transparent face powder on top. Just do it the way you like it! Above I used a lipstick from Make up store called Oh la la with a powder blush from Mac called Frankly Scarlett.


I have a pinterest account and I love to find pictures and pin away! I also like to organize my boards! Mostly I pin hair/fashion/beauty but I also have a board called Beautiful things as there are so many cute/beautiful things and nice pictures of it out there. This post is inspired by Pinterest, all photos are taken by me though!

The first photo is of lamps that are in my daughter´s room. They are from a company here in Greece called Beelights.
The dress is a new one my daughter chose herself at H&M.
The cute bows for the hair comes in 4 and are also from H&M.
My daughter was dressed as a prinsess for the carneval at kindergarden and I made "princess hair" with braids she slept in.
The flowers are made of wood and are from my mother´s toystore called Lekomera in Sweden.
The wall flowers are stickers that are in my daughter´s room. From a danish company called The wall company.
And the flower lamp is from the small (not!) swedish company called IKEA.


All of a sudden there are stars everywhere and I like it! The necklace I got from my family on my birthday, it´s from a little store here in Voula. The stars in the hair and the brooch are from H&M. Actually the stars in the hair are also brooches, you just keep them closed and use a bobbypin to pin them to your hair. The blouse is a new one I bought for my daughter at Zara.


Happy Valentine´s day! And what better way to celebrate it here then to make a post about the most amazing little girl I could ever have wished for- my daughter!

The heart braid is actually easy to do, I´ve seen it on different channels on youtube over the years and it´s so cute for Valentine´s day. My daughter wears it to kindergarden today, it will be fun to see it after hours of play!

To make it you section of two parts in a half up do. You braid them and secure with a temporary elastic. Then you make a circle starting on the inside and fasten with bobby pins and then you secure the two braids with one elastic and add a bow if you want to.
I didn´t do that here but you can braid them closer together and use a bobby pin to secure them to one another not to have the gap between them that I have!


There were some interesting hair trends to be seen at the international runways of spring & summer 2013. Some wearable and others to take inspiration from!

The neat:
The one to the left is like the hair that was seen on Etro´s show. A lot of designers used this sleek kind of hair and there was a lot of low ponytails and perfect buns.
The one to the right is the way the models wore their hair/fringe on Carolina Herreras show. Just very straight, well groomed hair with the fringe neatly pinned up.

The messy:
On a lot of runways the messy hair was the key accessory. Just as a lot of designers used the neat looking bun others prefered the messy bun. Bottega Veneta´s and Chloé´s buns looked a bit like mine to the left and also Valentino and Marni had messy looking super cute buns. My hair to the right is inspired by the messy hair from Versace, Calvin Klein and Proenza Schouler, but with the front hair pulled back like Emilio Pucci and Rag & Bone.

Something in your hair:
There were a lot of hair accessories on the runways this season. My favorite are the silk scarves from the Dolce & Gabbana show. Other designers that used hair accessories are Rochas, Fendi and Chanel for example. My hairdo to the right is inspired by Chanel.

Check out this link to Harpers Bazaar were you can see the pictures from the shows...


Glitter, glitter, glitter! This season of the year is the time for glitter and glamour! Celebrate the New Year with some sparkles! From the top: my daughter´s sweater with a heart from H&M, then a bow from H&M, the nailpolish is Graphite from Chanel, the sweater with sequins on the shoulders is from Zara, the little bag is also from Zara, the black outfit also from Zara, the shoes from H&M and the dress I´m wearing Zara again!


1. H&M  2. By Malene  Birger  3. Accessorize  4. Essie 5. Topshop

Fall 2012 also has a minitrend, the colour mint. A lot of designers used the colour and it is seen in a lot of different brands and in the stores. A great way is to combine it with grey to make a nice balance!

Pictures from:,,,,,,


1.Lipbrush nr.231, Mac. 2.Lip pencil Cherry, Mac 3.Rouge Fatal, Chanel. 4.Dragon, Chanel. 5.Russian Red, Mac. 6.Mac Red, Mac .

A big trend for this autumn is the red lip. For example Pat McGrath, makeup artist for Gucci, created a look for their runway show where the dark red lip was in focus (see pictures here...). For an extra dramatic look pair it with red nails.

Tip: For the lipstick to last use a lipliner and first fill in the contour of the lip and after the rest of the lip (in case the lipstick wears of you don´t want to have just a line that shows). After that apply the lipstick with a lipbrush.

Tip2: With a strong lip keep the rest of the makeup simple, a nice base and mascara is enough.


October is the month when it´s time to give some extra thought to the horrible disease cancer. Some companys give money to research from the sales of certain products, this is one way to contribute. The swedish clothing brand Dagmar is designing the swedish pink ribbon and they also made a small collection where 10% of the retailprice goes to cancerresearch. So think pink this month and support the research in whichever way you can! All the above products give some procent to cancerresearch.

Pictures from:,, &


Stockholm fashion week, autumn/winter 2012, and
the swedish designers collections for fall had some
great pieces and quite nice collections. Acne has as
always one of the most interesting ones and some
interesting silhouettes e.g they used a wide belt to
create an exaggerated waste. Many of the designers
used burgundy in their collections which is safe to say
is a key colour for fall and winter.

Tip: The cropped trousers will make your legs appear
shorter, to avoid this use stockings in the same colour
underneath or use a high heeled shoe. If you don´t
own a pair of cropped trousers just roll up the legs of
your normal trousers.



At Copenhagen fashion week A/W 2012 some interesting and very
wearable trends where shown. Day Birger et Mikkelsen used multiple
belts which adds an interesting touch to an outfit. And for the brave
one it´s a fun detail with an unexpected colour on the lips.
The turtleneck is a big trend for the season and paired with a knitted
sweater it gives it a relaxed feeling. Malene Birger´s collection was
ladylike with great elements to take some inspiration from and to
add to your existing wardrobe.

Tip: Take one detail of the trend and mix it with your own style. E.g
take a big necklace but style it with a plain t-shirt and jeans or style
your hair with a french twist but make it a messy to make it
more casual.

Photographer: Copenhagen fashion week


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