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Favourite posts, hairstyles and moments of 2013!

This Flower Braid tutorial was my first contribution at It was a big success on Pinterest and still is one of my favourite hairstyles!

This Scarf Bow tutorial was my most popular post in 2013. It wasn´t the easiest to explain how to do it so I got some emails asking me to explain better, which I was happy to do :-).

I really like to wear my hair in a ponytail but sometimes it gets boring so this post is good to see how to make the ponytail a bit more interesting! Even I go back to this post to get some inspiration!

One of my favourite posts because in winter I really need some help to get some life to my face! Use a dark purple lipstick as a blush or press on the lips with your finger.

I really like this post because it shows how easy you can add an interesting touch to your hair and in this case with just one or two hair clips. Simple and chic! Just the way I like it!

My daughter is the most wonderful little girl and the love of my life! Sometimes I use her as my hairmodel because she has the prettiest hair. Not very often though because she is not overly excited about it! Still she is my favourite model and with some promises of ice cream and that I´m going to be fast she´s ok with it! One day though I think she will be happy with my interest for doing her hair! Maybe!

During the summer I became a regular contributor over at and it´s something I really enjoy! This was my first ever post for them. I was in Sweden at the time visiting family and friends and it was difficult to find a good place to take the pictures. I took these ones in my parents garden in front of a fence that was a bit too low. I had to bend down and then the sun decided to come out and go away, come out and go away wich made it difficult to make the pictures look the same. So to say the least it was a difficult tutorial to make. It came out cute looking though I think!

And finally my favourite hairstyle of 2013! I wore it a lot throughout the year, at a wedding during the summer I paired it with a grecian inspired dress and a golden headband that made you think of ancient Greece! One tip though is to use some bobby pins hidden under the rolled around hair to keep the headband in place, especially if you are flat headed like me. I didn´t at the wedding and my husband had to remind me to pull it down so I didn´t look like the swedish tennis legend Björn Borg


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