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Spring favourites

My spring favourites and my every time I wear make up go to products at the moment is this lip & cheek combo! The creme blush from Mac called Ladyblush is one I always keep in my make up bag but the Long Lasting Lipliner in 01 neutral light and the Twist Lipstick in Raspberry from the greek fab brand Korres are new discoveries and my absolute favourite lip combo at the moment for a fresh spring look.


I have been wanting this palette from Urban Decay for a very long time so for my birthday I had it on my wishlist and my mother was nice like always and gave it to me so finally I´m the owner of Naked2! I looked at all three of the palettes and Naked2 is my favourite and the one I think suits me best and also the most useful to keep in my kit for when I do makeup on others. The colours of the eye shadows are beautiful, I can´t even choose a favourite, they are very good quality and goes on smooth and are easy to blend. So it´s a very good buy for someone that are looking for an eye shadow palette that has very wearable colours, is easy to use and good quality.

I checked Youtube for tutorials from my favourite makeup gurus as inspiration on how to use the palette! You can find them here or here or here!

The Cranberry Look

This cranberry makeup look is great for the upcoming holidays! And actually it´s really flattering for most eye colours. It´s fun to wear a more vibrant colour sometimes and not always choose brownish, grey or black colours.

This is how I created the look:
Foundation: Face and Body from Mac
Concealer: Pro conceal and correct palette in light from Mac
For a bit more coverage and a matte look I used a powder foundation on top of that: Natural Mineral Foundation in Neutral from Youngblood. I applied that very lightly .
Blush: Blushbaby from Mac
Lips: Myth from Mac
Eyes: First I applied a black kohl pencil (Le crayon khol 01 Noir from Lancome) close to the lashline and on the lower part of the eye lid that I smudged up towards the crease. Then I applied the cranberry eyeshadow (Cranberry from Mac) on all of the eye lid. After that I took a matte grey (08 Smokey from Ink by Dennis Knudsen) and soften up the edges of the cranberry eyeshadow. I went back in with my black kohl pencil and applied some more close to the lashline and on the water line. Finally I put mascara on (False Lash Effect Fusion from Max Factor).

Golden Dots

Sometimes it´s fun to do a little nail design instead of wearing just one colour on the nails. Buy a dotting tool and try some new designs, this dotting tool is just a cheap one from H&M. You can also take something you have at home like a bobby pin or a pin needle. I love the combination of white and gold but you can do it with other colours if you prefer that. Paint all the nails with two coats of white nailpolish. When it´s dry paint the ring finger with gold (actually you don´t have to paint it white first and then gold, you can just paint it gold straight away, I just happened to do it that way). Take out your dotting tool and dip it in the golden nailpolish, make sure you don´t have too much of it on and start to create your dots. Finish it off with a top coat to last longer and you are finished!

Get the Look

This is a look that I think is very wearable even if you´re not use to wearing a lot of makeup! It´s a soft smokey eye, some soft contouring and a nude lip. It´s especially flattering for blue eyes. The bun is simply a loose bun with some volume on the crown.

The Makeup

Foundation: Face and Body from Mac, Concealer: Pro conceal and correct pallette/medium from Mac, Setting powder: Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder used only in the T-zone.

Eyebrows: I shaped and filled in the eye brows with a powder called Tri Brow from Make Up Store and then for some texture I used an eyebrow pencil from Mac called Lingering.

Prep the lid with a grey eye kohl, I used Smoke from Make up store. First apply it close to the lashline and then smoke it uppwards on all the eyelid with a blending brush. Most of the product should be close to the lashline.
After that I took my favorite bronzer called Terracotta 4 seasons in 01 Blondes from Guerlain and applied on all of the lid, the crease and blending it up towards the browbone going quite high up.
Then I took a black eye pencil Le crayon khol 01 Noir from Lancome and applied it in between the lashes and at the lashline to define the eye even more. I blended the edges softly. Under the eye I took some of the bronzer close to the lower lashline, then the black eye pencil on the inside rim and also close to the lower lashline but only one third of the way from the outer corner smoking it inwards.

The cheeks:
I contoured softly to define the cheekbones using Step by step contour kit from Smashbox.
Then a touch of blush using Posey from Mac.

Lips: For a natural nude lip I used one of my favorite products, a lipgloss called Striptease from Nars.

The Hair

Create some volume on the crown by backcombing the hair gently and spray with a light hairspray for hold. Smooth out the hair without loosing the volume and gather all the hair in the neck without pulling the crown too much. Secure the hair in a ponytail then twist the hair softly around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

Rose pink makeup look

For a fresh makeup look during the summer I like the rose pink look! There are so many nice products for the lips, cheeks and nails but these are some of my favorites. For daytime I´ve switched my foundation to a CC cream from Clinique with SPS 30 and I put it on very lightly only where I need it. Then I use a cream blush like the one above called Posey from Mac. On my lips I wear a pinkish lipgloss for a fresh daytime look. If you want your makeup to last in the heat don´t forget to wear a primer under the foundation and use a transparent powder after the foundation and cream blush and apply a powder blush in a similar color on top. On the lips use a lipstick that you applied with a brush and on top the lipgloss. With this I only wear mascara and if I´m not too lazy I lightly fill in my eyebrows.

Nailpolish: Ming from Chanel
Creme blush: Posey from Mac
Powder blush: Fresh from Make up store
Lipstick: Faux from Mac
Lipgloss: Partial to pink from Mac

Golden summer

I love the golden bronze look for summer but since I of course use SPF on the face I need to create it with some products! And it´s so pretty to match a golden skin with some nailpolish and lipsticks in bronzy, nude or golden colors!

1. Bronzing gel from Sensei- use it where the sun would hit the face or to warm up the skintone on your neck if it´s paler than the face and body since it´s difficult for the sun to reach this area.
2. Huile Prodigieuse OR from Nuxe- a beautiful golden shimmer, use it on the collar bones, cheek bones or some exposed skin area you want to highlight.
3. Myth from Mac- a nice nude lipstick that looks beautiful to a sunkissed skin.
4. Teracotta 4 seasons in Blondes from Guerlain- a powder bronzer to warm up the skin with and create a beautiful tan.
5. Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze from Bobbi Brown- a bronzing highlighter to use on the decolletage, on the cheekbones or any other place you want to highlight your skin.
6. Nailpolish Inattendu from Chanel and Soirée from Mac- a perfect combo, first use the Inattendu as a base and then Soirée on top of it.
7. Soleil Tan De Chanel from Chanel- a bronzing makeup base to use to create an overall tan if your face is much lighter than your body or to use where the sun would hit the face if you just want some extra tan or to use as a shading product to emphazise your cheekbones or sculpt the face.
8. Lustre Drops from Mac- beautiful drops to create an amazing golden look with, use it on the cheekbones to highlight them or the collarbones if you wear a wide cut top.
9. Pigments in Copper Sparkle, Chocolate Brown and Tan from Mac- I love the pigments from Mac! All three shades are beautiful to match with a golden tan.
10. Straight to the head from Mac- use it over a nude lipstick or on it´s own.


To line your eyes is the best way to emphasize your eyes and create the shape you desire. You can do it in a bold way for a statement eye or in a subtle way to make the eyelashes appear thicker, like for example create a cat eye look or just tightline. There are so many possibilities to what to do with an eyeliner and there are so many different ways and products to do it with. Here I show you 6 products/ways to do it!

1. Liquid eyeliner. With this one you create a sharp eyeliner, you can choose how big impact you want by varying the size of the line, from a more subtle flick to a full on cat eye. My favorite is Precision Eyeliner from FACE Stockholm

2. Gel eyeliner. With this one you also create a sharp eyeliner but you have a bit of room to make it softer. Before it dries you can take a cotton swab and soften up the outer line. But I mostly use it to create sharp eyeliner looks. I normally use Blacktrack from MAC with the brush 210 also from MAC.

3. If you don´t have an eyeliner for example you can create one from a powder eyeshadow! Use a little bit of water on your brush and pick up some product from the edge of the eyeshadow (it´s important it´s on the edge not to seal your eye shadow since you used water on the brush), then line your eyes. It also gives a sharp eyeliner look. In the picture is Carbon from MAC but you can use any that you have.

4. Take a loose pigment or eyeshadow, add some water to the brush, pick up some product and use it ot to create a beautiful line. This is my favorite way to get a colored eyeliner! There are also products to use instead of water to make it waterproof if needed! In the picture is a pigment from MAC called Grape.

5. You can also create a soft lining of the eye. I use this technique a lot especially during the day. Take an eyeshadow that is on the darker side, use an angel brush (I normally use 266 from MAC) and line your eyes. To create an even softer look use a cotton swab or brush to soften up the line. If you want to you can create a soft flick on the outer corner which I really like to do since it creates more of a shadow so from the front your outer lashline and the area next to looks fuller and more "lashy".

6. An eyepencil can be easier to use if you are not used to eyeliner since it´s more forgiving. Actually you can make this into a sharp OR a soft look. Line your eye with the pen, sharpen the line with an angle brush, use a cotten swab to correct misstakes if you want a sharp look. For a soft look either line your eye with a pen and soften up the line with a brush or cotton swab or use the angle brush to pick up some color from the eye pencil and the create a soft line with it. I only use an eyepencil for a soft lining of the eye because I prefer a gel eyeliner for the sharper look One reason is that it´s not as long lasting as a liquid or gel eyeliner. You can though seal the pen with an eyeshadow to "lock" it into place. This you do by taking a powder eyeshadow on your angle brush and press it onto the line you made with the eye pencil. One of my favorite eye pencils is Prunella from MAC as seen in the picture.


A dotting tool is a fun way to add that extra touch to you normal naildesign! I like to play around with it! This design is a discrete way of adding dots! The only problem with the dotting tool is when I´m doing the right hand since I´m right handed and an absolute disaster trying to do things with my left. But after some practice and mistakes I nailed :-) it and now it works fine.

1. Use a white, silver and dark purple nailpolish. I used white from Flormar nr 370, silver from Sephora nr 74 and purple from Essie called Smokin´ hot. I love love love the silver (and the gold) from Sephora, it´s amazing nailpolishes.
2. Start with a basecoat.
3. Paint your nails with white nailpolish except for the ringfinger.
4. Paint the ringfinger nail with silver.
5. Take your dotting tool (I bought mine at H&M) and your dark purple nailpolish.
6. Now make the dots!
7. This is how it should look!

Finished! I really enjoy doing some naildesign actually so I will do some more soon!

XO Ulrika

Valentine´s Day Nail Tutorial

Happy Valentine´s Day! I did this cute manicure to celebrate the day of love! My husband and me got a friend to babysit for tonight so we´re going out for dinner. Will be nice to celebrate it a bit. For my daughter I bought a small gift and the cutest card that said something very true: "My favorite time of the day is when I get to say I love you". I hope you are having a lovely day! Lots of love to you all!

To create the look follow these steps:

1. You need a red, a darker pink and a white nailpolish. And a bobby pin to create the hearts!
2. After your base coat start with the pink nailpolish on the little finger and then on every second finger.
3. Now paint the remaining two fingers with the red colour.
4. This is how it should look like!
5. Now put some white nailpolish on a piece of paper or something and pick up your bobby pin.
6. Pick up some nailpolish on the end of the bobby pin and paint the first side of the heart. Start from the top of the heart and move the bobby pin slowly to the tip of the heart.
7. Now do the other side the same way, start with with the top of the heart and join it with the first line at the tip of the heart. Make hearts on all the fingers.
8. Use a topcoat to seal your design.


This is a cute way to have some fun with nail design! And I get this wintery vibe looing at my nails, reminds me of a white snowy landscape with a clear sky full of stars. It super easy to make also!

1. Start with a base coat.
2. Paint your nails with a white nailpolish. Two thin layers for best result.
3. Before the nailpolish dries put the stars on the nails. I used a dotting tool (that you use to make dots with in your nail design) from H&M to do it. The star sticks on the end of the dotting tool by some magnetism and it´s easy to put them where you want to on the nail. You can of course also with a gentle finger put them on. Push the stars in place. Get creative here, put many stars on one nail or only one, see what you like and not every nail has to lok the same.
4. Finish with a top coat. A tip is to put two layers on so the edges of the stars are smooth.


I really like the combination of blue and silver and especially this textured silver. I prefer more of the blue to show and just 1/3 to be in the silvery colour but you can get creative and do it however you prefer! This tutorial is not so much a tutorial because it´s so easy but more a way to show what products I used!

1. Start with a base coat. I´m using a base coat from Dior but anyone you have at home will be fine!
2. Now paint all of your fingers with the blue color in thin layers and as many coats necessary until you have a nice result. I used Blue Rebel from Chanel which is an absolutely gorgeous blue color. Let it dry completely before the next step.
3. Cover 2/3 of the nail with tape. Make sure the tape is tightly secured so nothing can get under it.
4. Paint the nail that isn´t covered with tape in the silvery colour. I used one of my all time favorite colours from Chanel called Graphite.
5. Let it dry and remove the tape carefully.
6. Use a fast drying top coat. My favorite is from Essie!

Tip! Since you are using tape and it´s important that the colour on which you put the tape on is completely dry you can also use the fast drying top coat in this step to speed up the process.


Halloween is just around the corner and it´s time get the costume done! For us who like to keep it simple and easy this tiger makeup wearing a little black dress is one idea how to do it. I was actually making a cat but my daughter who is five came home and said: -Mum you look like a tiger so I added some stripes and tiger it is! I think it was the golden details that made it look like a tiger! So if you want to make a cat, don´t use the gold, make a smaller nose and no stripes! I also made the nails to match the colors. The base is black and the topcoat is with golden sparkles in it. The whole makeup/outfit is also very inexpensive because the only thing I had to buy was the ears and they didn´t cost much! The hair I decided to keep simple but a bit wild so I just backcombed my ponytail to get texture in it.

The makeup I did like this: First start with foundation. If you have oily eyelids it´s a good idea to use an eyeprimer for the eyeliner to stay on well. Then start with the black eyeliner and line your eyes, go strong with it so it´s noticable from far, both on the upper and lower lashline. Inside the eye use the kohl pencil. Now do the nose and all the other black parts except for the mouth, here I used the kohl again. Change to the golden eyeliner. Make a line above the black eyeliner on the upper lid of the eye. Fill in with gold where you see fit. Now add the false eyelashes, let it dry and put on the mascara.

Put your hair in a ponytail or if you prefer let it hang loose around your face. Backcomb it and spray lightly with a light hairspray. Put on the ears and wear something black or orange.

You can use whatever you have at home but the products I used are:
Black eyeliner from H&M
Golden eyeliner from H&M (the two eyeliners I chose to use the ones I have from H&M because they are cheap and you use a lot of them)
Eyekohl for the inside of the eye from Lancome in black
Corner eyelashes from Ardell
Glue from Duo
Nailpolish in Black Satin from Chanel
Topcoat Only gold for me from Sephora by OPI
Cat ears from H&M
And of course foundation Face and Body from Mac and mascara False lash effect from Max Factor.


There is still some left of the summer and what says summer more than those freckles that come out when the sun hits the face. Personally I love freckles and I think that you should really embrace them if you have some or like me who has but they are a bit pale fill them in a bit to make them stand out more! And if you don´t have just fake it! Draw in a few, not to many, not to strong, just a hint of freckles! I like to use an eyebrow pencil from MAC called Lingering. I fill in where there are freckles already, drawing them the same shape as they are and add a few and then I use the ringfinger and dab on top of them to make them stay and to not look too strong. I have been loving this look ever since Charlotte Tilbury put freckles on the models for Chloe´s runway of fall 2011!


I´m loving the sunkissed look in the summer! And since it´s proven beyond a doubt that it´s not good for your health and skin to be tanning there are great ways and products to achieve this look without the sun! Some of my 5 favourites are old pals and some are new but all of them are now staying in my makeup kit. 1. The Shimmer brick compact-Bronze from Bobbi Brown is my favourite for the cleavage. It gives a nice shimmer and because of the different shades it works on all skintones. 2. For a fresh sunkissed look this is a fantastic product and I have mentioned it before! The Sensai bronzing gel from Kanebo. It´s great for all over the face to give it life. I also sometimes use it on my neck to match the face when I use a bronzer in the face. 3. The classic Terracotta Bronzing Powder from Guerlain. I really like this bronzer on the face where the sun would naturally hit it. It´s no wonder it´s a classic. 4. Lustre drops from MAC are amazing! I use it on the cheekbones as a highlighter and it gives such a nice glow! Can also be used on the collarbones! 5. Skinsheen leg spray from Mac is another great product because let´s not forget the legs! It gives a very nice shine to them and is great when you wear something that shows of your legs!

This is not a sponsored post, just my humble opinion :-).


In the summer during the day I like to keep the makeup very light, almost invisible like I´m not using makeup at all! Just to look fresh with a bit of colour on the cheeks. This is my everyday go to products if I´m not just staying at home or going to the beach of course since I don´t bother with makeup then!

1. First start with a moisturizer, if you have one with SPF great but my Youghurt Moisturising Cream from Korres doesn´t have it.

2. So I always use an additional sunscreen. I like Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF50 from Mac because it also smoothes out the skin a bit.

3. After that I use a tinted moisturizer ONLY where it´s needed and well blended. My favorite is Tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier. It actually has SPF in it but only in 20 and since I don´t use it everywhere I need that other sunscreen too.

4. Now some colour on the cheeks! In the summer I really like creme blushes to get that fresh, youthful looking finish. If you have very oily skin this might not be the best choise and instead it´s best to use a powder blush (then of course you should apply it after you use a light facepowder to set your tinted moisturizer). I like creme blushes from Mac. Most days I use Ladyblush which I find is good for light skintones. But I also like Posey which is a darker peachy colour that is good for medium and even darker skintones. I use it very lightly and it gives a beautiful colour.

5. I like to spray my face with a face mist to get a really invisible result since the daylight during the summer is really harsh. This also makes the makeup stay on much longer if it´s hot or humid.

6. After that I just finish it of with some mascara. My favorite during the daytime is False Lash Effect from Max Factor because it gives a natural look but still some impact.

And something on the lips! A subtle lipgloss like Boy Bait from Mac is my favorite.

If you feel like it you can of course fill in your eyebrows lightly or use a bronzer if you like to look a bit tanned!


Bright colours are always nice when it´s summertime! It´s that time of the year to really embrace colours and not to be afraid to use them. Hot pink is one of my favourite colours this summer (like all summers!). Use it on the nails or on the lips or use hot pink as a thin eyeliner. I love it on the lips! I don´t use a lot of lipstick but I like it as an idea and I love it on others. So this summer I´m going to use lipstick in a nice hot pink shade from Mac. Maybe with my grey jersey dress to keep the lips in focus!

1. Lipstick from Mac called Pink Nouveau.
2. The amazing Beauty Blender.
3. Bag made from plastic from the kids department in H&M. I just liked it as a background :-).
4. Nars -Coeur Sucré. A great colour!
5. Nailpolish from Sephora.
6. Lipliner from Make up store called Fluffy.
7. Mac Pigment in Magenta Madness. This is great to use with a wet eyeliner brush as an eyeliner or to mattify a pink lipstick.


I just love this combination of nude and silver! I saw on Pinterest a combination with two nailpolishes from Essie called Jazz and Set in stones but I just can´t find them anywhere. So I took inspiration from it to do this combination and anyway this way is much cheaper because it was things I already had at home. You just use any nailpolish in nude you have and then you need some silver glitter that is very inexpensive (you can find it in any craft store or sometimes even bookstores) and at last you need a top coat. I used a nailpolish from Chanel called Inattendu and the fast drying top coat from Essie called Good to go! And then I used some glitter in silver from my daughter´s arts and crafts box.You can play around with it! For example you can have the silver glitter on only one nail or a little on all of them.

1. The products you need to accomplish this look. Of course you don´t need exact the same brands as me! If you have something else at home use that.

2.Paint your nails with the nude colour.

3.You might need two coats of it for good coverage.

4. Take some of the glitter and start sprinkle it on the nails. It´s easier if the nude nailpolish didn´t dry completely.

5. Sprinkle a little over all of the nails.

6. Add some more on one of the nails.

7. Add the top coat. Depending on the top coat you use you might need more than one layer. With this one from Essie I needed two to get a smooth surface.

Finally you blow away or brush of the excess glitter. Wait until everything is dry!



Nude lips are now a days a modern classic. Paired with smokey eyes it´s a true red carpet hit. But they are also good for an understated look and a look where you want to draw attention to one part of your face and the lips to just balance and complement the make up. However a nice nude lip is not as easy to achieve as you would think. Like finding and chosing the right shade of foundation, it´s just as important to find the right shade of nude lipstick so you don´t look sick or washed out. In general women with a light skin tone should go for a pinky undertone, medium skin or olive skin a rosy-beige undertone and dark skin a bronzy or taupe undertone.

I went down to my local MAC store to ask them about their favourites for a nude lip and this is their suggestions to try:
Light skin: Myth or Creme de nude.
Medium, olive skin: Pure Zen or Japanese Maple.
Dark skin: High tea, Viva glam 2 or Taupe.
And a nice shade for light and medium skin (wich is good if you are paler in winter and more tanned in summer) is Luxe natural from the new collection Mineralize rich lipstick.

Sometimes lips can have a very strong natural colour and then you can tone it down with some foundation or a little bit of concealer before the lipstick or you can even just use a lipgloss on top. My lips though get to dry from this so a great but expensive product to tone down the lipcolour is Kiss kiss lipstick from Guerlain, and then just a lipgloss on top like Boy bait or Fashion Whim from MAC.

My everyday favorite nudish lip product is a Chubby stick in Heaping Hazelnut from Clinique and the lipgloss mentioned above Boy bait and Fashion Whim from MAC since I´m not using lipstick on a daily basis.


Blush is a great way to make your face look alive! Here are a few tips on how to apply blush and what to think about!

• Use creme blush on dry skin types and powder blush on oily skin types. Powder blushes are    however suitable for most skin types whereas creme blushes are not a good choise for oily    skin.

• To make the blush stay for a long time: apply creme blush after your foundation, tinted    moisturiser or face cream and then use a bit of face powder on top and then a powder blush    in the same colour family as the creme blush on top of that.

• Apply cream blush with clean fingertips, this warms up the product and gives a great result    and apply powder blush with a medium size fluffy brush.

• If you use lipstick wait to apply your blush until after the lipstick to see how much blush is    needed especially if it's a bold colour on the lipstick. And choose colour on the blush    according to the colour on the lipstick. For example not a pink lipstick with a peachy blush.

• Apply coloured blush on the apples of your cheek for a subtle look and blend slightly    upwards towards the temples for a little more intensity. (For shading use a matte bronzer,    bronzing gel or a taupe blush colour-never pink or any other colour for this purpose. )

• A lipstick can many times also be used as a blush. Like a dark purple/bordeaux for example.

• Don't be afraid to mix your blushes to come up with new colours. It's especially nice with    powder blushes, swipe your brush in two or three different blush colours then mix them    together on your arm or hand and apply to the cheeks.

• When applying blush start with a little and build it up.

• For that glowing from the inside effect: apply your creme blush or lipstick stain before your   foundation. This way it looks very natural.

• Too much blush: apply some foundation on top of it.


A simple trick to add some festive feeling to your makeup is to add some glitter to your lashes. You can of course buy false eyelashes if you want to, they come in all shapes and forms but this is for the ones who prefer their own lashes but still want to do something extra when it´s time for New Year´s Eve or a party! The glitter actually stays on really well if it´s applied before the mascara dries.

1. Use an eyelash curler if needed. Apply mascara.

2. Before the mascara has time to dry take some glitter of your choice on your fingertip.

3. Apply it to your lashes. Give it a soft squeeze.


We all need some help during the winter to get some colour back on our faces. A great way to do this I think is to add some colour to the cheeks and/or the lips! And to keep products to a minimum, why don´t use the lipstick on the cheeks also. To get that "just getting in from the cold" look on the lips just use your finger and press gently on the lipstick to get some colour on it and then dab it on your lips. The same goes for the cheeks. The lipstick should be a purpelish colour. My favorites are (like in this picture) Black Orchid from Makeup Store or Rebel from MAC.

Makeup/ Tutorial

This is a smokey eye look I like to do. There are so many different ways to do smokey eyes and this time I wanted to do it this way. I like that it smokes from the lashline up, if you apply a litte less of everything you can wear it during the day also. My eyes are so not the best to do makeup tutorials on, they have a difficult shape to work with but this time I tried it anyway, next time I will make a friend be my model instead :-).

Note: When you apply the kohl (eye pencil) to the upper lashline make sure you really get in between the lashes, it doesn´t look as good if you can see a gap of skin colour. And when you apply liner/kohl to your waterline and has a tendency of close set eyes don´t apply it all the way in to the inner corner since this will make the eyes appear even closer together.

The products I used were:
1. Carbon by MAC 2. Copperplate by MAC 3. nr.239 by MAC 4. nr.217 by MAC
5. Le Crayon Kohl 01 NOIR by Lancome 6. False lash effect by Max Factor


This is some of my favourite products and the ones I use on a daily basis. My skin is quite dry so I need a lot of moisture and I´m also a fan of dewy looking skin in general. For daytime I also like a natural look.

1. First I start with my moisturiser which for the moment is Yoghurt moisturising cream from Korres.

2. Then I use very lightly some tinted moisturiser from Laura Mercier. It is a great product that gives just a bit of cover and evens out the skintone and it´s great for daytime. I have two different colours, I use Bisque and Porcelain mixed to get the right shade for me.

3. Then for a glow and a bit of colour I use my all time favourite Sensai bronzing gel from Kanebo. I focus on the cheeks and forehead and a bit on the nose when I put it on.

4. Then a cream blush to get a healthy look and some shape to the face. I use a Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks from Bobbi Brown called Powder Pink. This is a great product to have because it´s both for cheeks and lips.

5. And then some mascara. I like Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
because it gives natural lashes for daytime.

And of course something to moisturise the lips with. I like Rosebud strawberry lip balm!


For the christmas holiday this is a cute little idea for the nails. First apply a red nailpolish, I used Dragon from Chanel but there are so many nice ones, just use your favorite. When it´s dry use a top coat with gold flakes in it, I used Only Gold To Me from Sephora by OPI!


A thing I like to do is to use a nailpolish in the same "colourfamily" but with some glimmer or sparkle in it on one nail. Like here I have a grey nailpolish on all the nails (also the one I later put the glimmer on) and then on one of the nails on each hand I also put the nailpolish with glimmer in. Here I have used first Dior Vernis- Gris Montaigne 707 and then Chanel- Graphite 529. You don´t have to use these of course! Any grey will do and then any greyish, silverish sparkling nailpolish on top of that. OPI has a lot of nice ones for example!


A nice eyeshadow colour for brown eyes is greene. For this makeup use a lighter green on the upperlid and a darker green on the lower lid. Let the darker colour meet the lighter in a soft way. On the inner rim use Youngbloods fantastic product Eye-Iluminating Duo. It has two sides, one is matte and one has shine in it. It´s a great way to open up the eye! For this makeup I prefer the side with some shine in it.


Instead of a nailpolish that covers the whole nail this is a subtle way to add some spark to them. Just use it at the root of the nail! The product used in the picture is a topcoat from Sephora by OPI called Only Gold To Me!


Purple and lavender are colours that suits most eye colours and it´s good colours to have among your eyeshadows. But one eye colour in particular really pops when using them and it´s green! All eye colours have some colours you can use to really bring out the best in them and for green it´s purple.

Tip: If you don´t want to wear that much makeup but still a bit of colour just use the darker purple and line your upper lashline using an angled eyeliner brush.

Products used for this makeup is:
The lavender: Beautiful Iris/ Mac with brush 239/ Mac
The purple: Purple Haze/ Mac with brush 222/ Mac
The eyepencil: 03 Ultra-Lavande from Lancome



To create an evening- or partymakeup it doesn´t have to be harder than to add a golden eyeliner to your otherwise quite simple makeup. This instantly adds that little extra.

Tip: Golden eyeliners you can find at for example MAC. If you don´t want to buy one and instead create a similar look with a golden eyeshadow, just damp your eyeliner brush and dip it in the corner of your golden eyeshadow and create your line.

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