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Easy Twisted Bun

This is a nice and easy twisted bun for those days when you want your hair to look chic but don´t have a lot of time to spend on it! Follow these steps to achieve the look:

1. Make a side part
2. Section of your hair on the side with the most hair from ear and up. Secure it out of the way.
3. Make a low side ponytail.
4. Twist the hair around itself.
5. Then twist it around the base of the ponytail to create a bun.
6. Secure with bobby pins.
7. Now take the front hair and twist it.
8. Secure the front hair around the bun with bobby pins. Make sure you hide the ends.

Finished! Now you have a cute twisted bun!

3 braids to 1

I love braids and they always make a hairstyle so casual and relaxed. This cute 3 braids into 1 is a perfect every day hairstyle and it takes 5 minutes or less to make! I think it´s so nice to wear now during spring and even better later when it´s summer with a cute summer dress. Follow these easy steps to create it:

1. Make a side ponytail.
2. Divide the ponytail in three parts and braid them normally.
3. Pull on each of the braids to create volume, this is especially important if you have hair on the thinner side like me.
4. Create one big braid of the three braids.
5. Pull on the braid to create volume.

Finished! Super easy!


Having a hairstyle that flatters your face shape should be one of your top priorities. Once you have a haircut appropriate for your face shape, you'll need to know just how to style it so that you can accentuate the positive, and camouflage the not-so-positive.

This post is written by Barb Quinn who has been a professional hairstylist for over 30 years and has established herself as a nationally recognized hair designer, educator, and freelance writer. Barb has been chosen by her peers to serve on the advisory panel of Cosmos C International the global hairstylist network and is the Men's Hair Category Expert for Thousands of women each day follow Barb's hairstyling wit and wisdom on her highly successful blogs and

Thank you so much for sharing some of your knowledge with us here at Yetanotherbeautysite!

If you have a square face shape, and you have shorter hair, the thinned out bob is an ideal haircut for you. Tapering it towards the end will draw attention away from the square jawline. To take away even more attention from the hard lines, give the top some texture with a texturing spray, and then have the ends come into the face more smoothly.
For medium length hair, a tousled shag works well to disguise a square face shape. Have your shoulder length hair cut into a shag with body and have piecey layers to take away from the square face shape. Use a styling cream to create these pieces around the face.
If you have longer hair, but it isn’t as thick, a long straight style works best. Keeping your single-layer hair extremely straight will soften the angles of your jawline. It will also open up the face and accentuate your features rather than the sharp angles of your jaw.
If you have some natural wave in your long hair, it will look great with a square face shape if the waves are from the ears down. If you don’t have the natural wave, use a texturing spray to create large soft curls to take away any emphasis on the jawline.

An edgy short haircut works great with an oval face shape. It is also a daring and sexy hairstyle that not everyone can pull off. A short haircut will show off the neck and ears and the hard lines will break up a longer face. Be sure to make it piecey with sculpting gel.
If your hair is shorter, but you don’t want to try to pull off the edgy short haircut, a bob with side swept bangs will break up the length of the face. The bangs will add softness and will accentuate the eyes instead of the jawline. Use a bit of styling gel to keep the side swept bangs in place.
Shoulder length hair can be a great length for an oval face shape as well. Wear a center part and have soft waves to make the face appear softer. For a romantic look, use a large barrel curling iron and give yourself some longer fuller waves. A styling spray can help to hold them in place.
For longer hair that is straight, wear straight bangs to break up the length of the face. Having them cut blunt and flat at the brow line will help to give the face a bit of width.

Kelly Clarkson shows us what not to do for a round face shape. But if you really want a pixie haircut, it can look great on a round face shape. Make sure that you get pieces cut that will help to define your eyes and cheekbones. Use a bit of sculpting gel to keep these pieces in place after you style.
For a bob or any hairstyle that is cut above the shoulders, make sure that is has a tousled or messy look. Use a texturing spray to add some wave and movement at the top that will take away from the round jawline. If you really want a traditional bob, get an angled cut that will have hard lines to balance the face shape.
Use a smoothing serum for longer locks that will take away from the bulk of hair around the face. If your hair is layered, mix up the lengths of the layers and wear a deep side part. The side swept look of the hair on top will make the face shape look slimmer and take away some of the roundness. If you have longer layers that are past your shoulders, make sure that your shortest layer is not above your chin. A center part with longer layers will take away some of the width in the face shape.
A great hairstyle that will flatter a round face shape is a smooth ponytail. Put it at the same level as your ears, and make sure that the hair going back is smooth and flat. Any type of texture or wave on your head will add bulk to your face.

A pixie cut can be done on a heart shaped face. Make sure that you have side swept bangs. This will soften the features of a heart face shape.
Medium length hair needs to end below the jawline so that it doesn’t accentuate the thinner chin. Add texture and body to medium length hair to further hide the narrow lower half of the face.
For longer hair, a deep side part and side swept bangs will draw attention away from the chin and to the eyes. By making sure that there is some hair between the ears and the eyes will hide the fuller part of the face and add fullness to the lower part. Add some wave from the ears down to add bulk to the lower part of the face as well. This will also emphasize the eyes.
Everyone wants to look their best, and we can’t help the shape of the face that we’re born with. However, we can make that face shape great with the haircut, style and products that we choose for our hair.


My daughter is the cutest little ballerina! She goes to ballet twice a week and she loves it. Sometimes she wears her hair in a ballerina bun and sometimes in a ponytail. I found this elastic from a store that sells fabrics and yarns and I cut small pieces to use as elastic bands to tie the ponytail with. Very cute I think!


This is some hairstyles I wore last week! All of them are superfast and easy to make so you don´t have to spend a lot of time in the morning fixing your hair!


When I wear a ponytail or some hairstyle that involves elastic band there sometimes is that issue of hiding or not hiding the elastic. If it´s an ugly elastic and I´m going somewhere fancier than the gym I like to wrap some hair over it but lately I prefer to wear a nicer colour on the elastic like gold or silver and use a couple of them instead and show them off. In a later post I will show two different ways to wrap and secure the hair around the elastic


I had two friends visiting me last week and I did these hairstyles on them and me! I think they are good for a dinner or something quite casual like going out on a friday night. The are all easy to make! I think I will make tutorials for the hairstyles that Anna and Matilda are wearing because it´s easier than just explaining with words but mine is just a low ponytail were you take two normal strands of hair and the third strand is a braid and then it´s braided into a normal braid.

Thank you my sweet Anna and Matilda for lending me your hair and for a great time!


This hairstyle might look a bit complicated but it´s actually not. First you make a small dutch braid as a half up do going across the back of your head, keep on braiding to the end even when you stop adding hair, secure with a small elastic for the time being. Then you take all of your hair to the side and divide the remaining hair into two sections. Now take the two sections and the braid you made from before and braid it normally. Take out the small elastic band of the first braid and secure the braid with all of your hair in it with the elastic.


I did this hairstyle on my lovely daughter one day and it´s one that works on all ages I think! You make a dutch braid from one side of the head across the back of your head to the middle of the nape of your neck. Continue the braid even when there is no more hair to add and secure with an elastic band. Roll the hair into something like a cinnemon bun and secure it next to the braid with bobbypins in the same colour as your hair. I hope you understood that explanation!

Note! If you don´t know how to make a dutch braid check out this tutorial.


An easy everyday hairstyle! You just make a normal half up do and secure with an elastic band. Then twist it upward and inward around itself one time. After that make a fishtailbraid! A bonus is that you don´t have to go to the gym that day to train your arms because the fishtailbraid did that for you!


This is a very easy hairstyle! 1) Put your hair in a ponytail, not to perfect and neat. 2) Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band and use a bobbypin to pin it into place. 3) Backcomb the upper part of the ponytail to get that "fluffyness". 4) Make a fishtailbraid at the lower part of the ponytail and use a small elastic band to secure it.

Note! If you don´t know how to make a fishtailbraid check out
this tutorial from Youtubeguru Bebexo.


This is a super easy hairstyle to make as you can see! Just put your hair in a half up do and twist some hair around the elastic and secure with bobbypins. Then gather all of the hair in a ponytail, secure with an elastic and twist some hair around also that elastic. The hair belongs to my supersweet friend Tilda.

Hair/ Tutorial


If you don´t have a lot of time to fix your hair just use a hair accessory like this one and your hair is done in a second. This one in particular is from H&M!


Sometimes it can get boring with the same old ponytail. To glam it up a bit there is a variety
of ponytailaccessories. The one on the top is from H&M and the one below is an ordinary
headband tied around the ponytail.

Hair/ Tutorial

Hair/ Tutorial



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