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Dragon Braid

It`s always fun to try new braids so when I saw this "Dragon Braid" on @lalasupdos instagram account and later a tutorial on YouTube from Cute Girls Hairstyles I gave it a try! I like it on Nora and she looks so nice paired with this green leo dress from Mini Rodini, like a little dragonleo girl! I like this dutch braid version but I think that next time I´ll do the french braid version that @lalasupdos did to really accentuate the dragon back.


Today I went to my friend Josie´s house to do some things for her blog and a hair tutorial for mine, it´s a Valentine´s Day hair tutorial so it´s coming up on friday, make sure to check back then! For one of her fashion posts she was wearing a casual outfit with a chunky knitted sweater so I decided to make curls and an infinity braid. The infinity braid has the same casual feeling to it and is perfect for every day wear. Check out a tutorial here for it!

Top knot with Braid

I did this updo on Nora for a birthday party this weekend and I finally figured out an easier way to do it! Before I struggled with keeping the braid nice and firm while gathering all the rest of the hair into the high ponytail that becomes the top knot and I also had a problem since the head is tilted to decide where to stop the braid! This time I gathered the hair from above the ears and in a slight angle upwards towards the crown and placed it where I wanted the top knot to be, then I secured it in a ponytail with a soft elastic that is easy to pull off with one hand without harming the hair. Then Nora tilted her head just slightly forward while I was doing the french braid and when I reached the ponytail I knew it was time to stop so I held the braid with one hand and then took of the elastic of the ponytail with the other hand and gathered all the hair together and secured it all with an elastic. Then I made the knot/bun and secured with bobby pins. I really like this updo, it´s a nice update on a regular top knot!

Hair Bow

This hair bow hairstyle is a favourite of mine to wear during the upcoming holidays! It´s formal but cute and great for many different occassions. I created a tutorial for DivineCaroline so head over there to check it out!

Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is really one of my favorite braids! It looks very intricate but at the same time cute and casual. You can do it on any texture of hair you want, and it will look beautiful. I prefer it with curls or waves since it gives a softer look. Click here for the tutorial...

Mermaid into Fishtail

I love the look of this mermaid braid that evolves into a fishtail braid! I find it very intricate and beautiful. And on my friend Josefine´s hair it looks amazing! Braids always turn up so well on blonde hair and you can really see the structure and details in them. I did this tutorial for DivineCaroline so click here for the full story...

Easy Crown Braid

Sometimes I find it a bit hard to do the crown braids on myself but this twisted crown braid is so easy to do on yourself and it doesn´t take long at all. And it´s a hairstyle that actually looks bettter during the day when it gets a more lived in look! Click here for the tutorial...

Faux Fishtail Braid

This super cute bohemian looking hairstyle is so easy so create! You don´t even have to know how to braid! It looks kind of like a fishtail braid and therefor the name faux fishtail braid! I´d wear this hairstyle with a loose flowy dress or with denim shorts or jeans and a kimono. You can choose to pull on the twist to get a fuller look or keep them more separate for a more detailed look. The fuller look looks more like a fishtail braid so if you don´t pull so much you can see the twists more, it´s up to you. I pulled on mine for more volume and a fuller looking "braid". Follow these easy steps to create the hairstyle:

1. Take a piece of hair from the front and twist it towards the back.
2. Do the same on the other side and secure the hair together in the back with a small, clear elastic.
3. Flip the hair inwards around itself one time.
4. Take a piece of hair from each side just under the first "flip" and secure once again with an elastic.
5. Flip the hair inwards around itself again just like you did on the first one.
6. Continue the same way down the remaining of the hair as many times as you can or want.
7. Pull on the hair to add volume and to hide the elastics.
8. Finish it of with an elastic or like me with a leather string to add to the bohemian feeling.

Formal updo

This low bun is stylish, chic, and easy to create. You can wear it to any formal event and look like you spent a lot of time on your hair when the truth is, it didn't take you long at all! I created this hairtutorial for DivineCaroline so click here to check out the full story...

3 cute ways to accessorize your hair

A ribbon is a cute way to accessorize your hair! I made this post for, click here to get the full story and the how tos...

Boho Braid

This braided hairstyle is perfect for a day when you want your hair to look casual and cute. Wear it with a nice long summer dress and some sandals for a relaxed bohemian look, or pull on an oversize knitted sweater over the dress and pair with some low boots for a casual, cool look this fall. You can wear this braid with straight or curly hair, but I prefer it with curls or waves. If you need to add some texture to your hair, check out my no-heat sock curls tutorial. Click here to check out the tutorial for this braid...

Lacebraided Updo

So today it´s time for the third and final tutorial for middle length hair! The lacebraided updo! Braids are always cute for summer so this is a great hairstyle for those hot summer days or warm summer evenings we have in front of us! My model for these hairstyles is my friend Ida who blogs for the swedish magazine Chic. Check out her blog here... To try this hairstyle follow these steps:

1. Make a lace braid by only picking up hair from one side when you are braiding. Don´t braid tight to the head but instead almost next to the head.
2. Do the same on the other side.
3. Take one of the braids and pin it up horizontally with bobby pins.
4. Do the same with the other one.

Now you have a cute braided updo! Wear it with a cute summer dress and sandals and you are ready to go!

Headband Updo

Now to the second of the tutorials on my beautiful friend Ida for middle length hair! This hairstyle is so adorable and one of my favorites. It works just fine on longer hair too but there is more to tuck away and still make it look nice. This hairstyle is so perfect for a summer party or when you are attending a wedding. Follow these steps to get the look:

1. Put on the headband. Try to find one that is not too tight on your head since it will then slip up easier. Don´t worry if it slips up a bit now, you will fix that later.
2. Take all of the hair (or if you want to leave a few shorter pieces in the front do that) and roll it around the headband. Arrange it nicely and tuck down the hair some more where needed.
3. Secure with bobbypins, especially if you are a bit flat headed like me. This is for extra security so the headband will stay put.

Easy chignon

So it´s time for the first of the hairstyles for medium length hair, the easy chignon! I find this one easier to make really nice and much less hassle on medium length hair than long hair. You can of course make it on long hair too and I do make it on mine but when I did it on my friend Ida´s hair I did it so fast and easy making it the perfect every day hairstyle for days when you don´t have a lot of time to spend on your hair. Follow these easy steps to create it:

1. Make a low ponytail. If you want to you can already now twist the hair a bit in the ponytail for added effect later.
2. Make an inside out ponytail. You do this by creating a little hole just above the elastic of the ponytail then you take the ponytail and you flip it through from the outside to the inside.
3. Now take the ponytail and roll it up and secure with bobbypins.
4. Arrange it to look neat and nice!


3 updos

I borrowed my lovely friend Ida´s hair to do hairstyles on middle length hair instead of my longer hair. Many updos are actually easier and looks better on middle length hair than long hair in my opinion. I did three easy updos that work really well on this length. I´m working on putting together the tutorials for them so check back for them during the week!

4 strand Braid

A 4 strand braid with one strand smaller than the other is my new favorite braid! It looks more advanced than it really is and with just a little bit of training everone can do it! I love to learn a new braid, in the beginning it can be frustrating but than finally your fingers do what you want them to do and you have created a beautiful braid. In the picture up is my daughter Nora with the beautiful swedish fields in the background and in the picture down my friend Erica with her long, blond, amazing hair. I´m thinking to make a tutorial for this braid since it´s so cute!

Twisted Half Updo

I did this cute hairstyle on my friend Erica a few days ago, it´s an easy twisted half updo secured with bobby pins! First curl your hair. Then take two pieces of hair from the front, twist them lightly in the same direction and then twist them around each other the opposite direction. Pull on the lower part to create volume. Secure the one side temporarily with a clip or a bobby pin and do the same on the other side. Connect them in the back and secure them in place with bobby pins. Try to hide the bobby pins under the twisted hair!

Knotted Half Updo

This weeks tutorial on is this knotted half updo. I like the casual, effortless feeling this cute hairstyle evokes. Wear it for an everyday look, or wear it to dress down an outfit. The hairstyle would pair perfectly with a party dress and heels or with jeans and a cute T-shirt. Check out the tutorial here...

Romantic Side Braid

This bohemian-looking fishtail braid is one of my favorite hairstyles. I also love it as a bridal hairstyle because it has a romantic, feminine and loose feeling to it. The hairstyle works best on long hair with texture, like curls or waves in it because it gives more volume to the braid. If you don't have long hair and would like to wear your hair this way, you can always use clip in extensions; the hairstyle works very well with extensions. And add some flowers for an even more romantic feeling to the hairstyle. Click here for the tutorial...

Boho Braid

This is a cool, fun boho hairstyle that will be perfect for the upcoming music festivals or concerts! Check out the tutorial I did on DivineCaroline...

Crown braid with a bun

I love to wear casual braided updos on hot summer days so I created a tutorial for this super cute hairstyle for DivineCaroline. This crown braid is the perfect way to keep cool while looking cute. I like to wear it a bit messy for a less formal style. It works on different lengths of hair, and you can wear it with any kind of texture. Click here for the tutorial...

3 ways to accessorize your hair with bobby pins

Why not use bobby pins for something else than to secure hairstyles with hidden away. They can be really cute to use as an accessory also! On I share my 3 favorite ways to style your hair with bobby pins. Click here for the whole story...

Messy side ponytail with micro braids

This messy side ponytail has a bohemian look that's perfect for those days when you want to be casual. Wear it with a maxi skirt and sandals for a relaxed summer look! The style works best for medium length to long length hair. The texture needs to be curly or wavy to get the right feeling so you might need to add a little texture before starting this look. Click here for the tutorial...

Messy bun

My daughter looks adorable in a top knot and it´s a great hairstyle to get all the hair out of the way. The other week I did it with a braided back or neck maybe I should say and that made the hairstyle even more interesting. You flip your head upside down and make a french braid (or a dutch braid if you want to) then you secure it with the rest of the hair in a high ponytail. After that you create your bun by twisting the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. A tip if you have slippery hair or find it difficult to keep the braid while you gather the rest of the hair is to secure the braid with a small elastic and then gather the hair and secure all of it with another elastic.

These pictures are taken on our veranda in beautiful Greece. Right now me and my family are in Sweden, our home country, for six weeks visiting and spending time with family and friends and we´re having an amazing time. I wish all of you a great summer too!!

Hairstyles for the beach

Summer is here in it´s full glory and I spend a lot of my days and sometimes evenings on the beach since I live in sunny and hot Greece. This week for DivineCaroline I created three cute hairstyles to wear to the beach if you like me got tired of the same ponytail! And of course you can wear them anywhere you´d like! Click here for the full story and description on how to make them..

4 easy everyday hairstyles

This is 4 easy every day hairstyles I´ve been wearing lately. It´s not always you have time or feel like spending a lot of time on your hair and then it´s great to have a few hairstyles to go to for cute hair in no time!

The fishtailbraid bun is easy to ceate! You first make a high ponytail, then fishtailbraid the ponytail and twist it around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Make sure that you can see the fishtailbraid.

Easy twisted half updo is is a very cute go to look for every day! You start with one side of the head and in the front you take two pieces of hair next to each other and change position on them, then you add hair to the lower strand of hair and change position on them again. Continue like this until you reach the middle of the back, at the end you don´t have to add hair just twist them around each other. Secure it temporarily with an elastic or a clip. Do the same on the other side. Secure them togehter in the back with an elastic.

Fluffy fishtailbraid is one of my favorite hairstyles. You make a high ponytail, backcomb the top of the ponytail a bit, smooth out the surface, and create a fishtailbraid at the end of the ponytail. So easy and quick!

Braid in braid! It´s super easy to make and so cute. You can make it in the back, on the side or as a high ponytail. I did a tutorial for it on Check it out here...

Lacebraided crown

This is another cute braided updo I did for DivineCaroline. It´s two lacebraids secured under the other one. For the whole story and tutorial click here...

Easy summer braid

Check out this easy, cute summer braid I did a tutorial for on! Click here for the tutorial and whole story...

6 cute wedding hairstyles

My friend Josefine is getting married in june and I´m going to do her hair! The wedding will take place here in Greece because she is like me swedish but living in beautiful Greece and the place they have chosen is magical, right next to the sea! She also has a blog and it´s about her life and fashion and beauty so we decided to do some different wedding hairstyles as inspiration for everone getting married. I could have kept on going doing more and more hairstyles because I got so into the mood but we had to stop because we had promised our girls to pick them up earlier from preschool to go to the beach so here are the 6 I did. I will put the pictures in bigger sizes soon on the blog and explain a bit how to get the look!

For bigger pictures and step by step instructions to the hairstyles click here...

Celtic knot

I love this Celtic Knot Half Updo and I will wear it a lot during the summer! It´s so cute and has just the right feeling of casualness to it! It might look a bit complicated but don´t give up! With just a bit of practice you wiill make it! I made this tutorial for DivineCaroline on my lovely friend Josefine so for the step by step instructions click here...

Half up fishtail braid

My sweet friend Ida who has a fashion blog was nice enough to lend me her hair for a tutorial. It was fun to make a tutorial on a friend for once as I can actually see what I´m doing and it´s nice to see the result on another haircolour than mine for a change. This hairstyle is perfect for spring and summer with its casual, romantic feeling. To create it follow these steps:

1. Curl your hair. I used a wand called Cera Wand that is 25-38 mm or 1-1.5 inch wand.
2. Take the front hair and/or fringe from each side of the head and twist it lightly towards the back of the head.
3. Now you are making a fishtailbraid! If you don´t know how check out step 3-6! First take a small piece of hair from the right side of the twisted hair.
4. Cross it over to the left side and incorporate it with the left side.
5. Take a small piece of hair from the left side.
6. Cross it over to the right side and incorporate it with the right side. This is the procedure of a fishtailbraid so keep on doing the same until you are happy with the lengt.
7. Now pull on the braid a bit to create some volume. Secure with an elastic.

Hairstyle in a hurry:5 minute updo

This is a very quick updo and great for those days when you don´t have time or don´t feel like spending a lot of time on your hair. It works on all hairtypes and it´s also a great hairdo for wet hair. Check out the tutorial here...

Lauren Conrad inspired updo

Check out the tutorial for this pretty Lauren Conrad inspired updo I did for DivineCaroline! It looks even better on a hair that is not as long as mine and on the thicker side but it can totally work on many different hair lengths you just have to be a bit creative with it.

Weaved ponytail

Sometimes a regular ponytail can feel boring! Try this weaved ponytail instead and you have a casual, cute ponytail in no time! Check out the tutorial here...

Braid in braid

Check out this easy & cute Braid in Braid I did for DivineCaroline! A great way to make your normal braid a bit more interesting!

Messed up five strand braid

Isn´t it funny how from a mistake something really nice and interesting can come out of it! Like this braid I did on my friend Josefine! I love this braid but it´s a mistake! I was suppose to make a regular neat looking dutch five strand braid and the way you do it is that you pick up five strands on top of the head and then you cross the right outer strand under the forth strand and over the third and then you go to your left side and cross the first strand under the second strand and over the third. Then from the right side again and this time you pick up hair and incorporate with the fifth strand before you cross it under the forth and continue the same way as before. I was talking so much I didn´t think so instead I cross the fifth strand under the forth, then over the third and then under the second and then I started from the left side and crossed the first strand under the second, over the third and then under the forth. Picked up hair and incorporated it with my fifth strand and continued the same way. And so the messed up five strand braid was born! I really liked the result though with it´s messy not perfect feeling so it´s definately a mistake I will continue to make every now and then!


This braided hairstyle is my latest contribution at! It is sooo easy to make! And very cute! You can really wear it for any occasion and dress it up or down! Check out the full tutorial here...

Valentine´s Day Hair

Valentine´s Day is just around the corner and why not wear a cute heartshaped braid celebrating the day of love! To create this super cute valentine´s day hairstyle click here for the tutorial I did for DivineCaroline!


This week it´s Valentine´s day and I wanted to share with you another cute easy hairstyle to wear for the day when we celebrate love! It has a romantic feeling to it and with the ribbon it gets a festive feeling. I´m working on getting a babysitter so I can go out with my husband for dinner, I will see how I will wear my hair, maybe this one or the heartbraid! Follow these steps to create the hairstyle:

1. I think it´s cuter with some curls so I used my second day curls for it. Take one piece on each side of the head to create the small braids with.

2. Braid a normal 3 strand braid on each side and secure temporarily with elastics.

3. Pull on the braid to create some volume.

4. Gather all the hair in the back in a low ponytail.

5. Secure the ponytail with an elastic and remove the small elastics from the braids.

6. Make a hole just above the elastic of the ponytail.

7. Flip the ponytail through.

8. Arrange the hair to cover the gap that can appear above the hole you created and pull on the ponytail so it´s not too loose.

Add a ribbon if you want to!


I hope you had a great New Year´s Eve and are ready to have an amazing 2014! I´m looking forward to a new year and to all it has to offer! I love doing hair and other posts for my little blog and I´m very happy that people actually wants to see them! 2014 I will make more makeup tutorials as I´m also a makeup artist and really enjoy the creativity that comes with makeup. I have just been a bit shy to have my face to much on the blog and more comfortable with the back of my head :-). But it´s time to push myself a little bit more as I did with the New Year´s Eve hair and makeup post! Anyway, this post is about bows and you who have followed me for a while know that I have an obsession with bows. The hairstyles have a bit of a holiday feeling as I´m still in the spirit of Christmas and New Year and bows are a great accessory to get a cute festive feeling to your hairstyle! But you can totally wear them all year! These bows are from H&M and the red ribbon is from a craft store.


I did a collaboration with DivineCaroline to create this cute Holiday Hair Bow. It´s a great hairstyle for the holidays! Try it! Check out the step by step instructions here...


Maybe you´re in a hurry and don´t have time to go home after work before you have that office party to go to or you are just short on time. Check out this easy tutorial on how to transform your daytime hair to evening hair!


This is a great way to curl your hair without any effort, use this technique and in the morning you wake up with beautiful curls! It´s so easy and the best part is that you don´t need any expensive tools, only two pairs of socks! Check out my latest post and the step by step tutorial over at Divine Caroline here...


This is a cute braid I did on my daughter for a birthday party this sunday. She is so adorable in it! It´s a dutch braid that goes diagonally from the front of the head to the nape of the neck. At the nape of the neck when there isn´t any more hair to incorporate in the braid you continue to braid a normal braid and secure with a small elastic. Then you roll the hair like a cinnamon bun towards the same side of the head as the braid started from and secure with bobby pins. This braid actually looked even better after the birthday party when it was a bit messy! You can always create the messy look by massaging the hair a bit and pull on the braid.


This is just some hairstyles I made on my daughter last week! The butterfly elastic is a cute little accessory from H&M and adds a little fun to the hair. I don´t have a lot of time when I do her hair, either we have to hurry to kindergarten or/and she doesn´t feel like sitting still for a long time. These hairstyles are quick and easy. The braided one down right is actually after kindergarten and it´s what survived of it, that´s why it´s a bit difficult to really see what is going on there!


This is some of the hairstyles worn by me or made by me in october. October is a fantastic month in Greece, amazing weather and a warm sea to swim in! The last three pictures are of my friend Josefine from a photoshoot we did for her blog!


The low ponytail is really trendy this season and one of my favorites are the one seen on the runway of the Moschino show for fall/winter 2013. Check out the tutorial I made for DivineCaroline here...


After a long summer the quality of the hair is not the best. The sun, the salty water, the chlorinated swimming pools, everything takes it´s toll on our hair. So now it´s time to get the hair back in shape and ready for fall! And to give us all some great tips on how to do this and what the trends are for fall is my blogger colleague Jenny Strebe! I love her blog The confessions of a hairstylist and with her long experience as a hairstylist who is better to answer these questions!

After the summer the hair is a bit damaged from the sun and the swimming in the sea and chlorinated swimming pools. What are your best tips and products to get the hair back in a good condition?
Always get a good healthy trim as well as get a deep hair masque. I like Keratases Masques. They are extremely moisturizing. If your hair is thick and/or exetremly damaged, you can get away with doing a hair masque once a week. If its fine textured and/or not in that bad of condition, then treat twice a month or every other week.

For the hair to stay in good condition what are your best tips?
For the hair to always stay in good condition, I always recommend using a leave in conditioner and a heat protectant. If your hair feel brittle, its good to add moisture into it. An awesome product that adds moisture and protects from heat damage is Ciment Thermique by Keratase. Apply on towel dried hair from mid-shaft of the hair down for tons of moisture and protection.

What are the trends this fall when it comes to cuts and colour?
Long length bobs, wavy textures are whats really trending this fall and it´s a perfect time to jump on this trend as the summer months can really take a toll on the hair, so opt for a mid-length bob. Colour that is trending we've been seeing a lot of softer ombre looks. Softer ombre isn't as a harsh color difference from roots to ends so almost anyone can wear it. Also brown hair with soft blonde highlights are a hug hit this year. We've also been seeing buttery blondes, carmel tones, mocha hues, deep eggplant and bright copper tones.


Check out
my latest post over att Divine Caroline for tips on how to style your bangs!


Here are some quick and easy hairdo´s to try! Go to DivineCaroline to check out how to achieve the looks!


I love braids and I make them on both me and my daughter. Sometimes we even wear our hair the same way. Cute!

I just started my Instagram account! I must be the last one! Ha ha! Please follow for more updates and inspiration!! @yetanotherbeautysite


I think a cute way to make a hairstyle look stylish is to put a bow on it! And to get a casual feeling to it combine it with a braid! Either you braid it upward and make a bun or downward and make a ponytail. I like both options!


I love hairstyles that take minimal time! So what is better than a hairstyle that you without effort wear during the day and then without effort can change and wear during the night! The result is a bit messy beach hair so it´s not to everyones liking but then you can use the texture and create an updo like a messy fishtailbraid or something or you can curl a few strands of hair and put some shine spray or nurishing oil to get a neater finish. I like a messy texture especially if I´m wearing something that is a bit too overdressed and then I tone it done with messy hair. Anyway I hope you like it!


The comb as an accessory is something I don´t use a lot. But I picked up these ones from H&M and I also saw a lot of them at Accessorize and I like them. The romantic one I used to pull the front hair out of the way and the more casual one I used to create a deep side part and pull away the side with the less hair. It´s also nice to incorporate in an updo like a french twist.

Note: If it´s difficult to get the comb to stay in your hair a little bit of teasing will do the trick. Just tease lightly on the part of the hair you want the comb to be and smooth out the surface.


This is just some cute ideas on how to accessorize your hair! It´s nice sometimes to dress up a plain hairstyle a bit. The bow on the top picture is my daughter´s that I bought in the section for kids on H&M. The bottom left is a hair clip from Accessorize and I use this clip with a side part where I leave the side with most hair down and clip away the other side and put all the hair on one side of the shoulder. The bottom right is a small scrunchy. To be honest I never thought that I would ever wear a scrunchy again but when I went to Berlin last month my friend looked so cute in hers and KaDeWe´s department for hair accessories was full of them so I actually bought this small one and I like it!


After some promises of ice cream my daughter was nice enough to let me do this tutorial on her and her lovely hair! This is a cute way to style your or your daughter´s hair and I think it works on most ages! I couldn´t choose which way to finish it when I did this tutorial so I decided to make two options insted! The ropebraid is more casual and the soft bun I would say both works as an everyday hairstyle and a bit more formal. So here we go...

1. Create a side part.

2. Start on the side of the head with less hair. Take two strands of hair around the area of the ear. One strand up and one down.

3. Take the strand of hair that is below the other and twist it up and over the other piece while you at the same time twist the upper strand down and under. In other words you change place on them.

4.Now add some hair to the lower strand of hair. Do the same twist/changing of position.

5. Continue the same way. Add hair to the lower strand and twist.

6. When you reach the other side of the head secure the twisted hair in a low side ponytail.

Now you have to choises!

Soft bun:
7a. Twist the hair around itself softly.
8a. Then twist it around the elastic and secure with bobbypins.

7b. Divide the hair in two strands. Twist them in the same direction, for example clockwise.
8b. Now also twist them around each other in the opposite direction, for example anticlockwise.


My daughter was nice enough to lend me her head for 10 minutes to take pictures of some of my favorite ways to style her ballerina bun. She is so cute in her bun and it´s a great way to keep the hair out of her face. The bun is super simple to make, a high ponytail, twist the hair a bit around itself and then around the elastic of the ponytail and then secure it with a few bobby pins. The headband, the small clips and the flower are all from H&M. I seem to buy a lot of hair accessories from there! And the last one is a small scrunchie that I bought in Berlin at KaDeWe.


The hair clip is an easy way to accessorize your hair and it has a relaxed and playful feeling to it that I like. Instead of always hiding bobby pins this is a way to secure your hair out of the way fast. I was in Berlin this weekend to visit my sweet friend Nora. We went for some shopping and she took me to this super nice department store called KaDeWe. There they had a great section for hair accessories and I got so inspired. These hair clips I bought there and they are called y.e.s from Anyway hair clips like this you can find anywhere!


The ponytail is great for everyday and I wear my hair in one veeery often! Sometimes though it can be fun to do something different with it so I put together my favorite ways to wear a high ponytail! All of them are with straight hair because that´s the normal texture of my hair but you can of course make slight variations of them and use them for curly. They are all very fast to make and perfect on a busy morning!

The sleek: This is a straight ponytail with hair wrapped around the elastic. Easy peasy!

The fishtail: A ponytail with or without hair around the elastic. At the end of the ponytail you make a fishtailbraid.

The teased: You tease your ponytail for volume, make sure you smooth out the surface of the ponytail. If your hair doesn´t hold the teasing well use some hairspray on the teasing.

The 3D braid: I love this braid on a high ponytail because it´s nice from all sides! Check out a tutorial on Youtube from Bebexo here...

The knotted: You take one strand of hair from each side of the ponytail and then you tie a knot in the front, then you cross the strands of hair on the back of the ponytail. After that you pick up some more hair on each side of the ponytail and add to the existing strands of hair, tie a knot again and cross the hair in the back. Repeat and add more hair, tie a knot, cross in the back and so on!

The rope braid: Divide the ponytail in two parts, twist both of the parts in the same direction and then twist them in the opposite direction around each other. Tutorial here...

The minibraid: Divide the ponytail in three parts, the one in the middle a bit smaller then the other two. Braid the middle strand and secure with an elastic. Then braid all three strands in a normal braid, take of the elastic from the middle braid and secure all three together.

The pull out braid: This is a normal french braid that you pull out a bit to make it wider.

The multi-elastic: Use multiple elastics to create this shape. If you have thicker hair it´s nice with more elastics but on mine it´s enough with two. I made a tutorial for a voluminous multi-elastic ponytail here...

The organic mini braids: This is small braids that you braid in a way so you don´t need an elastic. This is very cute on curly hair because the braids blend in even better than on straight. It´s sooo easy but difficult to explain so I found a tutorial on Youtube here...

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We´re spending the weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria visiting our very good friends. They have the sweetest kids and our dauhter loves to come here. I´ve been braiding the girls Ella, Nelli & Nora´s hair during the weekend and this is what it looked like!


I love ribbons as well as bows and this is two ways to wear them in whatever age you are! I think my daughter´s ballerina bun is so cute with a ribbon around and my ponytail looks a bit dressed up with a black ribbon on it.


This is a picture I took of my daughter the other day at my brother´s house. It´s such a simple hairdo and in combination with a bow and and the dots it´s so cute I think.


To make your ponytail look softer and more feminine just add some loose curls to it! This is a great way to wear your hair for a dinner or a party or somewhere where you want something simple and cute.

First make your ponytail (you can of course curl your whole hair but it´s not necessary), then with a medium curling iron curl the ponytail. Take small to medium sections, curl them and the best thing to make the curl last for a long time is to pin it up with a clip or bobbypin until it cools off and then spray a bit with a light hairspray before you release it.


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