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Fringe Mania

Spring fashion is in the stores now and everywhere I see clothes and accessories with fringes. You can go all in with fringe mania or wear something more discreet or not at all of course if you don´t like it! I like it but in a more discreet way! I just bought the dress from Zara shown in the picture above with a subtle fringe detail to wear on a warm summer day. But I love all of the 6 items! 1. Bag from Aldo here 2. Dress from Zara here3. Scarf from Zara here4. Bag from Zara here5. Shoes from Zara here6. Jacket from H&M here

How to style a shirt

When you wear a shirt it´s sometimes nice to not just let it hang but to create a shape and to tuck it in. And not only when wearing a shirt, if you wear a knitted sweater for example I really like to do the front tuck to get a waist. And with a t-shirt to do the full tuck in a maxi skirt to get a waist and nice proportions. But back to the shirt! There are 3 nice ways to tuck it in: the front tuck, the half tuck and the full tuck. They front tuck and the full tuck gives you a waist and they also help making your legs appear longer and your upper part shorter. The side tuck is just a cool way to style your shirt when feeling like doing something different. These tucks is also a great way to style a shirt when you´ve borrowed your boyfriend/husband´s slightly too big shirt! Then it´s also nice to fold up your sleeves like in the pictures. Thank you to my lovely model Josefine!

Bohemian Girl

I love this bohemian looking style! It looks so casual, relaxed and cute. A flowy dress worn with boots and a cute hairstyle is all you need. I have a tutorial on this hairstyle here... At the end I just added some small braids and twisted also them around the headband. (Dress and boots are from here)

Nora´s summer wardrobe

The summer is still in full bloom! Also here in Sweden where we are on vaccation at the moment. And in Greece where me and my family normally lives its 2-3 months left of it! Before I had my daughter Nora I bought much more clothes for myself but now I really enjoy shopping for her instead. Now a days there are so much beautiful children´s clothes! And my favorite clothes for kids are of danish and swedish design togehter with Zara. The scandinavians really know how to make children´s clothes and since H&M is swedish it doesn´t have to be expensive. In the collage are my favorites from my daughter´s summer wardrobe! For bigger pictures and brands click here...

Blogger I Love

Blogs are a great source of inspiration and there are so many talanted bloggers out there! One of them is my friend Matilda. She takes beautiful pictures and makes beautiful collages. Her posts are about fashion, accessories, interior design and life in general. She is about to move back to Stockholm after many years abroad and since I love the scandinavian style being swedish and all I look forward to continue to follow her stylish blog! Click here for garanteed inspiration...


Simple and cute! A leather string as a belt. When I wear a dress I like to create a shape with a belt but sometimes I don´t want a bulky belt so then a leather string is a great way to achieve that shape. Tie it as a bow or leave it hanging, either way is nice.


My summer favourites!

Hair band from Accessorize and sunglasses from Ray-Ban
Bikini from Sugarfree.
My absolute favourite dress this summer is this one that I bought in Istanbul when I visited friends there. It´s from a shop called Vakkorama and the brand of this dress is Red Soul.
No summer without sandals. The silver ones are from Isapera and I bought them at Free Shop in Athens. The nude sandals from Zara are great to pack on a trip when you have limited space because they really go with everything.


A scarf is a great way to add an interesting touch to an outfit. There are so many ways you can use a scarf and here are 4 of those. The one around the hair on the bottom is great also when it´s cold with a thicker scarf to keep the ears warm. The one with the scarf around the neck is just one way to wear it out of so many. Later I will show more of my favorite ways to wear a scarf around the neck! The scarf is a Hermés scarf that I gave to my mother last christmas and I borrow sometimes! The picture with the scarf around the bag is inspired by the little box with cards of different ways to wear a scarf that came with the scarf when I bought it.

Note: The scarf around the handle of the bag you do like this: tie it on one side and on one handle then twist it around the handle and tie it on the other side. The scarf around the hair with the hair loose you do like this: the neck should be in the middle of the scarf then you twist the scarf in the front 360 degrees and tie it in the back.


Here is the tutorial for the bow made by a scarf that I had in another post a while back! I hope you understand!


A belt is a great way to accessorize an outfit and to create a shape. If you have a belt that is too long the simple loop and the loop is a great way to wear your belt and to make it a bit more interesting you can use two belts that you connect and then simply use the simple loop to finish it off


A leopard doesn´t change it´s spots and never go out of fashion! There is something special with this pattern, it never really go out of style and it always remains popular. Of course like with everything less is more! Both the shoes and the scarf is from H&M.


The scarf is fantastic to use as an accessory. And there are so many things you can do with it! Tie it in different ways, use it in different ways (not only around your neck) and then you can do as I did above. In the upper picture I use a bracelet that has elasticity and put the scarf through it. The picture below shows one of my favorite ways to use a scarf, outside the coat to change the appearance of the coat you wear every day and with a belt. The belt is also a great way to create a waist .

The bracelet is from Topshop, the scarf in the lower picture is from By Malene Birger, the belt is from Acne.


There is just something about bows that I love! They are cute and kind of stylish at the same time. The bow on the top is from H&M and so is the scarf I made into a bow, the lower left is from Accessorize and the lower right cardigan (my daughters) is from Zara. Don´t forget to check out how to make a bow with your hair... And later I will make a tutorial on how to make a bow with your scarf like a made above.


A styling thing I like to do is to roll things up! My trousers to give attention to the shoes, my sleeves not to hide my bracelets and my hair for it not to interfere when I´m wearing a collar type of clothing like a shirt or a jacket.

Note: The hair is rolled up really messy for a casual feel and it´s really easy to do, just roll and use a lot of bobbypins.


Sometimes I like to match the same colours together. Like bag + nailpolish, skirt + stockings, dress + bag, lipstick + nails and so on! A favorite of mine right now is the lower picture with a leatherskirt in bordeaux togheter with stockings also in bordeaux.


As it´s getting a bit colder here in Greece I like to do a bit of layering. On the top picture I wear a knitted cardigan with a hoodie under my coat to keep warm and to get a more relaxed feeling when I´m wearing a coat. On the middle picture I wear my beloved leather jacket together with a coat, I love to layer to jackets. And on the bottom picture I wear again my leather jacket with a poncho to keep warm.


Why not think outside the box when it comes to bags! It doesn´t have to be sold as a bag to be used as a bag. The one on the picture used as a clutch is a toiletry bag/makeup bag from Zara Home. And of course the face of a cat is not everyones taste but there are so many different patterns and prints.


Burgundy or bordeaux or which name you prefer is actually very easy to match with other colours! Here are some great combinations that I like!


When you wear ancleboots or something similar it has a tendency to shorten the appearance of your legs. If you want to counteract that wear stockings that are similar to your shoecolour and preferably wear a shoe with a bit of heel. Or if you don`t wear stockings wear a nudish colour on your shoes.


In the northern countries the summer is over now and it´s time to leave those summerclothes behind! If you have a hard time letting go of your light summerdresses, there are ways to style them to be suitable for fall. Just wear it as a top and tuck it down your trousers or skirt or use darker colours on the rest of the outfit to make it more fallappropriate.

Tip: To tuck a dress down your trousers or skirt is also a good way to wear that dress that you feel is almost too short to wear on it´s own. The best dresses for this kind of styling is the light, straight ones.

Ps. I would like to thank my lovely cousin for doing the modelling in a hot Athens.


An idea to a change in the bracelet department is to use two cuffs of the same. Either one on each arm or two on the same arm to create one big cuff.

Note! The cuffs are worn on the outside of the sweater so they´re not hidden. This is a good stylingtrick for the colder months when you still want to show your cuffs.


Bohochic is a style that never goes out of fashion. An easy stylingtrick to get that easygoing vibe is to add some fringes, either as a small detail as a bag or on the shoes or like in the picture on a scarf you put around your shoulders. The braid gives it that extra casual feeling.

NOTE: The braid is braided with one strand much thinner than the other two. This gives it an extra interesting touch.


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