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These hairstyles are good for a bang that is growing out or like on me that doesn´t really have a bang but still want to get rid of the front hair sometimes. I just used my natural texture of the hair here but it´s even nicer with more texture like a beachy wave style I think. They all start with the twisted bang/front hair and then the finish is a bit different. To start do like this:

1. Create a sidepart. Take two strands of hair.
2. Twist the hair around each other. Or it´s more like changing position on them.
3. Add more hair to the lower strand of hair.
4. Change position on them again.
5. Keep adding hair to about this long.
6. Then start a ropebraiding instead. Twist each strand of hair in the same direction.
7. And then twist them in the opposite direction around each other.

Now you have three different styles to choose from!

The simple twist: Just secure the twisted hair with an elastic and leave it hanging. For this style don´t ropebraid it too hard since it needs some flow in it to blend with the other hair.

The half up twist: Make two twists/ropebraids. One on each side. Secure it in the back with an elastic. For this style it´s also nice with a middle part instead of a sidepart.

The ponytail twist: Make two twists/ropebraids, put all the hair in a low ponytail, hide the elastic of the ponytail with some hair.

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