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This is a casual everyday hairstyle that you can vary to your liking. You can make it neat and polished or messy and cute and you can put it up high on the head to make it stand out more or lower for a more discrete look.

1. Put all the hair in a ponytail. Where you put it will decide whether you can see it from the front or not!

2. Roll the hair of the ponytail so it will be easy to pull through the ponytail.

3. Loosen up the ponytail a bit and make a little hole with two fingers.

4. Pull the hair through the "hole".

5. Take the ends of the ponytail and pull through the loop you made from the ponytail and around the base of the ponytail.

6. Secure the ends with bobbypins.

7. Pull down the sides of the bun to create the fan and secure with bobbypins.

8. Secure the bun to the head. This step is optional depending on where you put the bun. If you put it high up you can skip this step.


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