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Earlier this week I had my lovely friend Mathilda and her family visiting me, she has amazing hair and of course I had to do a hairstyle on her! I decided to do a half up do bow style because it´s a very wearable one for different occations!

1) First put your hair in a normal half up do!

2) Then take some hair to cover the elastic band. Secure with a bobbypin.

3) Take a piece of hair and save it for later.

4) Now form the two "bows". Make sure you spread out the hair to form them into a nice shape. Secure with bobbypins inside the bow so they are hidden. Cross the bobbypins for more security.

5) Take the hair that is "hanging down" from the bows, roll it up and hide inside the bow. Secure with bobbypins.

6) Take the piece of hair you saved, fold it down and secure it with a bobbypin in the middle of the bow. If it looks nice just let the rest of the piece of hair hang down, if not roll it up and hide in a bow!

Thank you so much Mathilda for being my model! Come back any time!! And give adorable little Charlize a kiss from us! Check out her blog here...


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