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This super easy, cute hairstyle will make you look stylish throughout the Holidays! Wear it with a red ribbon like me and it´s a cute hairstyle for christmas day or a christmas party. Or wear it with a black ribbon or a chain or a necklace and it´s so stylish for New Year´s Eve! Follow these easy steps to create it:

1. Make a low ponytail. (Not all the way down to the nape of the neck, leave some space for the bun).
2. Take a ribbon and pull it through the elastic band .
3. Leave the ribbons for now, put them on the shoulders so they are out of the way.
4. Divide the ponytail in two parts. Twist both of them in the same direction.
5. Join the ribbons with each of it´s part of the ponytail.
6. Now twist the two parts of the ponytail around each other the opposite direction.
7. Secure with an elastic band.
8. Pull on the hair a bit to loosen it up.
9. Roll the hair around the base of the ponytail to create the bun.
10. Secure with bobby pins.


Tip: Make the ribbons longer and after you´ve secured the bun tie the end of the ribbons into a bow as a cute accessory.

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