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This is a more formal updo that is very easy to do on your own hair. It´s a nice hairstyle for the holidays I think! Or a wedding because of its romantic feeling!

Follow these easy steps:

1. Make a side parting of your hair on any side you like. Divide your hair by the ear on the other side of the head than the side of the parting and secure the front of the hair away from the rest of the hair. Put the rest of the hair in a low side ponytail.

2. Curl a piece of the hair in the ponytail.

3. Release it from the curler and roll it up.

4. Secure the roll somewhere above the ponytail.

5.Do the same with another piece of hair.

6. Continue with the rest of the hair. How many rolls you will end up with depends of the thickness of your hair and how easy it curls. I have medium thick hair and my hair is quite easy to curl, so I have four rolls. If you have thicker hair make more rolls and if it is difficult for the hair to hold a curl take less hair in every roll so the hair gets more heat from the curler. Arrange the curls so there are no space between and use bobbypins to secure.

7. Now curl the front of your hair. Don´t curl it all the way up.

8. Twist the hair and secure it above the rolls.

Finished! Use an accessory if you want to!

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