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Time for a hair tutorial again! This time I felt like doing a romantic maybe a little bit retro kind of hairstyle so first of all I decided to do one with curls and then a bit loose and then this hairstyle was born! I like it! It´s a perfect hairstyle for the upcoming spring/summer season with weddings and so. Follow these steps to create it:

1. Curl you hair.
2. Try to get some curls on your upper part of your hair also.
3. Create a side part and section of some hair in the front on both sides, from the ears and up.
4. Make a very loose three-strand braid with the rest of the hair.
5. Make a loop with it to create kind of a circle at the nape of the neck.
6. Secure with bobbypins.
7. Release the front hair on both sides.
8. Take a piece of hair from the front.
9. Secure it around the loose braid.
10. If your hair is long keep on securing it around the loop. If you want to you can let the ends       stick out.
11. Take a piece of hair from the other side and do the same.
12. Now create a braid on the side with the most hair.
13. Secure it around the loose braid. Continue to secure hair until you run out of it.
14. Add a cute accessory on the side with the least hair and you are finished!

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