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This is the popular braid that the models on the Rodarte show A/W 2013 was wearing. I did this braid on my friend Josefine for her blog and at the same time took the opportunity to make a little tutorial.

Follow these easy steps to create it!

Step 1&2: Make a braid on each side of the head. Pull on the braid to create more volume.
Step 3: Secure the braids with an elastic in the back.
Step 4: Take the remaining of the braid, add some hair from just underneath the elastic (for length and volume to the braid).
Step 5: Braid it. Pull also on this braid to get more volume and a bit of messiness. Secure with an elastic.
Step 6: Take another piece of hair underneath the elastic.
Step 7: Roll the hair around the elastic like a little cinnamon bun and secure it with bobby pins.


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