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I like this loose topbun and I also like to make different variations of it, like here with two microbraids. If you want to you can add more. Anyway just follow these simple steps to make this one!

1) To get the volume most of us need blowdry your wet hair with some volumising product and when it´s dry add some big loose curls to your hair, nothing perfect or so at all and mostly to the bottom part, this makes a good round shape to the bun and adds some texture. If you have curly hair, congratulations! Or if you think it´s to curly use a straightener on the upper part to loosen up the curls. Always remember to use a heat protective product before adding heat to your hair.

2) Put the hair in a high ponytail.

3) Braid two microbraids, one on each side. If you want more braids, braid more and if you want bigger do that!

4) Make sure the braids are out of the way.

5) Now add some volume to the bun to be.

6) Start to make the shape of the bun, make it as neat or messy as you want. I smoothed mine out a bit with my hand to create a less messy finish. You can also after the teasing smooth out the surface with a brush to get it neat looking.

7) Secure with bobbypins in the same colour as your hair. How many depends on the thickness of your hair.

8) Now take one of the microbraids and secure it in the front. Arrange it so you can see it well.

9) Take the other microbraid and secure it in the back.


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