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Soon the holidays are here so I made this cute lace braid with a bow to wear for example on Christmas day or at a christmas party. It´s easy to make and it does´t take a long time! To save more time you could even do the sock curls and you wake up with beautiful curls or like me in the tutorial hot rollers that are easy to use and while they cool down you can do your makeup or maybe wrap the last christmas gifts!

1. Curl your hair. I´m using hot rollers from Babyliss.
2. Separate the curls and arrange them to your liking.
3. Make a side part.
4. Take three strands of hair.
5. Cross the upper strand over the middle strand.
6. Cross the lower strand over the middle strand.
7. Add a piece of hair to the upper strand.
8. Cross it over the middle strand.
9. Now cross the lower strand over the middle strand again but do not add hair.
10. Continue the same way. Add hair only to the upper strand. Braid this way until you reach about the end of the ear, then braid normally without adding hair.
11. Secure the lace braid with an elastic.
12. Add a cute bow!


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