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a I did this tutorial as a next step to how to style the sock curls I did for! A quick and cute half updo if you want the front hair or fringe out of the way! Follow these easy steps to get the look!

1. Make a normal three strand braid. Braid it towards the back and not down for the hair to lay correctly when you later secure it in the back.
2. Make one more on the other side.
3.Take of whatever you used to secure the braids temporarily.
4. Secure with an elastic band.
5. Here you can choose to use only the hair that is left from the braids but since I have fine hair I pick up a piece of hair just under where I secured the braids and add to the remaining of the braid to get more volume.
6. Twist the hair around itself and around the elastic band.
7. Secure with bobby pins.


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