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This is an easy hairstyle that you can do on curly or straight hair. Curls always add some body and texture to the hair but if you don´t have time and have straight hair you can do it on straight. Just follow these easy steps to achieve the look:

1. Curl your hair. (Optional)
2. Don´t make the curls to neat and perfect, it´s just to create some body and texture to the hair.
3. Loosen the curls with your hand.
4. Backcomb the hair a bit on the crown. For this hairstyle I didn´t do it for maximum volume, just for the hair to lay correct over the crown because my hair has a tendancy to separate there. That´s why I say it´s an optional step. If you have the same problem as me or if you want more volume there do this step.
5.Take a piece of hair on the side of your face.
6. Braid a normal french braid, the first few times you braid incorporate some hair and then just braid a normal braid without incorporating hair. Secure with an elastic.
7. Do the same on the other side.
8. Now you have the two braids. Take all the hair between the braids and from the crown up. The reason I do it this way instead of incorporate hair when I´m braiding is that the hair on the crown lay nicer this way I think.
9. Take of the elastics from the small braids.
10. Divide the hair you´re holding in 3 strands, the two outer strands have the two braids plus some hair from the middle. Braid the hair in a normal braid (do not incorporate any hair). Start with one of the outer strands over the middle one and then the other outer strand over the middle one (the middle one is now the former outer one with a braid), and then just continue to braid without incorporating hair. The reason you start with the outer ones are so the braids will end up in the right place. If you are not happy with how the braids ended up, just use a bobby pin to put them into place.
11. Secure with an elastic band.
12.Put all of the hair in a low ponytail.
13. Twist the hair around the elastic band of the ponytail.
14. Secure with bobby pins.

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