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1. Put your hair in a half updo. Include all the hair from the ears up.
    Secure with an elastic.

2. Divide the hair in two parts. One slightly smaller than the other.

3. Secure the bigger part out of the way and hold on to the smaller one.

4. Braid it in a simple french braid (plait).

5. Braid the bigger one as a fishtailbraid.

6. Twist the fishtailbraid around the elastic and under the french braid.

7. Secure with bobby pins.

8. Now wrap the french braid around the bun that the fishtail braid created.
    Arrange it so you are happy with it and you can see it well. Secure with bobby pins
    and make sure you hide the end of the braid.

9. Curl your hair!

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